PhD Plus workshops follow a 2 year rolling curriculum of general themes. Specific topics are identified by the student advisory committee according to relevancy to the PhD student community.


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Data Visualization Workshop

Fall 2020: Communications

Friday, November 13, 2020 – 12:00 – 1:15 pm via Zoom Registration Required

Data Visualization

How to Most Effectively Present your Data

Eric Monson, Ph.D.

Eric Monson

Data Visualization Analyst, Duke Center for Data and Visualization Sciences

As the Data Visualization Analyst, I help students, faculty and staff with data visualization, organization, and processing for their research. My background is in the experimental sciences, where a PhD in Applied Physics led me to work on fluorescence microscopy, chemical nanosensors, and neuron-glial brain cell signaling. From 2007 until I joined CDVS in 2015, I worked as a Research Scientist here at Duke, collaborating with faculty and graduate students from Math to Computational Biology to Art History, helping them visualize and understand their data. In my current position, I enjoy introducing people to important skills they need but were never trained in, whether that means teaching visual design and communication to Scientists, or helping Humanists incorporate technology into their scholarship.