How It Works

The PhD Plus Enhancement Program aids Pratt Engineering PhD students in making effective career decisions and prepre students for successful professional careers through workshops, seminars, networking, an internship, and enhancement course. The workshops and seminars are advertised through the Pratt Listserv and are open for all students in Pratt.

Seminars and Workshops

The PhD Plus Program holds seminars and workshops throughout the year deslivered by practicing professionals for a broad range of career paths. Speakers have diverse backgrounds and specializations, with careers in from academia, government, and commercial spheres. Past seminars and workshops have included such topics as: hard skills for start-ups, the life of a consultant, and international and non-profit opportunities.

The goals are two-fold for these seminars and workshops. First, they provide exposure to a variety of professions and career paths. Second, they allow students to develop some of the hard skills needed for success in the working world.

PhD Plus Certificate Members are required to attend at least 10 seminars and workshops throughout their tenure in the program. For information on past and upcoming seminars, visit the Seminars & Workshops tab above!

Internship Resources and Requirements

One of the requirements of the PhD Plus program is to complete an intership either in industry, academia, or in a government agency. The program will offer support and resources to help secure such post-preliminary exam internship opportunities.

The internship allows PhD students to explore a potential career track, realize and address missing skillsets that will enhance future career success, and provide practical experience. Pratt PhD students have a wide range of interests in careers from academia to consulting, private industry, government, and not for profit organizations. The internship requirement encourages for both traditional and non-traditional internships to allow each student to explore their interests. Non-traditional internships must be approved by the PhD Plus Committee along with the student's adviser and could include teaching a course or writing a grant. Students are encouraged to explore what internships will most help them to make an educated career choice.

More specific requirements can be found in the "Internship Information" tab above.

Networking Opportunities

Students will have opportunities to network with industry experts and recent Duke graduates through social and professional events. Seminars and workshops are designed to be interactive and collaborative with professionals from many sectors.